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Certificate Level - Fundamentals of Business Economics (FBE)

About This Course

BA1 - Fundamentals of Business Economics focuses on providing candidates with an understanding of the areas of economic activity relevant to an organisation’s decisions and, within this context, the numerical techniques to support such decision-making. Therefore, BA1 is designed to cover the following key areas.

  • Economic and operating context of business (i.e. how the factors of competition, the behaviour of financial markets and the economic policy of government can influence the performance and decisions of an organisation)
  • Information available to assist management in evaluating and forecasting the behaviour of consumers, markets and the economy in general.

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of the course the students will be able to:

  • Distinguish the differing goals of organisations and identify how these differing goals affect the decisions made by managers
  • Illustrate how market economies function and identify the reasons for, and impacts of, government involvement in economic activities
  • Identify the role of financial institutions and markets in the provision of short and long term finance to individuals, businesses and governmental organisations
  • Identify how macroeconomic variables and government economic policies affect the organisation
  • Your Instructors

    Vidya Rajawasam